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Amsterdam enchants visitors with its picturesque beauty and vibrant culture. Known for its historic architecture, world-class museums, and laid-back atmosphere, it is a destination that captivates every type of traveler.
With Accessible Travel Netherlands we offer you the opportunity to discover this unique city through our private guided tours led by experienced and passionate guides. With their in-depth knowledge of Amsterdam's history, culture, and secret places, our guides will take you on an unforgettable journey through its streets and canals.
In addition to guided tours, we offer a range of services to make your stay in Amsterdam as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. We take care of hotel reservations, ensuring that you have comfortable accommodation that suits your needs. We also make sure your transfer to and from the airport is smooth and safe with our cab transfer service.
For those who require mobility aids, we provide the rental service of specially designed equipment to make exploring the city easier, ensuring that everyone has access to all its wonders.
With our personalized and detail-oriented services, we invite you to experience Amsterdam in the most authentic and comfortable way possible, leaving you free to fully immerse yourself in the enchantment of this city.

Unlock the vibrant history and cultural treasures of Amsterdam with our range of specialized tours led by passionate guides. Whether you're a history buff, an art aficionado, or simply eager to explore the hidden gems of the city, we have the perfect tour for you.


Amsterdam History Tour

Delve into the rich tapestry of Amsterdam's past on our Amsterdam History Tour. From the city's humble beginnings as a fishing village to its rise as a global trading powerhouse, our expert guides will lead you through historic streets, charming canals, and iconic landmarks, uncovering the captivating stories that have shaped this dynamic city.


Second World War Tour

Step back in time and gain insights into Amsterdam's wartime experiences on our Second World War Tour. Explore poignant sites, including the Anne Frank House and the Dutch Resistance Museum, as our knowledgeable guides illuminate the city's wartime struggles, heroism, and resilience.


Jordaan Tour

Immerse yourself in the bohemian charm of Amsterdam's Jordaan district on our Jordaan Tour. Wander through picturesque streets lined with quirky boutiques, cozy cafes, and vibrant street art. Our guides will unveil the neighborhood's fascinating history, artistic legacy, and enduring community spirit.


Rijksmuseum Tour

Embark on a journey through centuries of Dutch art and history with our Rijksmuseum Tour. Marvel at masterpieces by Rembrandt, Vermeer, and other Dutch masters as our guides provide expert commentary on the museum's highlights, including the iconic "Night Watch" and the exquisite Delftware collection.


Van Gogh Museum Tour

Experience the brilliance of Vincent van Gogh's iconic works on our Van Gogh Museum Tour. Trace the artist's tumultuous life and creative evolution through his stunning paintings, sketches, and personal letters. Our guides will offer fascinating insights into Van Gogh's artistic vision, techniques, and enduring legacy.



Experience stress-free travel with Accessible Travel Netherlands. Our commitment to accessibility means you can now book your customized accessible taxi transfers, ensuring smooth and convenient journeys tailored to your needs.

Our fleet features specially equipped vehicles with lifts, providing effortless access for wheelchair users, mobility scooter riders, and individuals utilizing walkers. Say goodbye to transportation challenges and hello to unparalleled convenience as you explore Amsterdam and beyond.
Whether you're navigating the city's vibrant streets, visiting iconic landmarks, or immersing yourself in cultural attractions, our accessible taxi transfers offer the perfect solution. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that professional drivers are trained to provide courteous and accommodating service, ensuring your journey is comfortable and enjoyable from start to finish.
Embark on your adventure with confidence, whether you're traveling solo, with family, or as part of a group. Accessible Travel Netherlands is here to make every aspect of your journey accessible, ensuring that everyone can experience the beauty and excitement of travel without limitations.

Our most sought-after accessible taxi transfers cater to your every need:

  1. From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to your hotel in Amsterdam: Begin your journey with ease as our accessible taxi whisks you from the airport to your accommodation in Amsterdam. Say goodbye to the stress of navigating unfamiliar surroundings and hello to a seamless arrival experience.

  2. From your hotel in Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans: Immerse yourself in Dutch culture and history with a trip to the picturesque Zaanse Schans. Our accessible taxi transfers ensure you arrive comfortably and conveniently, ready to explore windmills, wooden houses, and traditional crafts.

  3. From your hotel in Amsterdam to Keukenhof: Experience the vibrant colors and fragrant blooms of Keukenhof Gardens, the world's largest flower garden. Our accessible taxi transfers take you from your hotel in Amsterdam to this floral paradise, where you can stroll through enchanting displays of tulips and other spring blooms.

  4. From Amsterdam Cruise Port to Schiphol Airport: Bid farewell to Amsterdam in style with our accessible taxi transfer from the cruise port to Schiphol Airport. Whether you're concluding a cruise vacation or embarking on your next adventure, our reliable service ensures a seamless transition from port to airport.


When it comes to planning a trip to Amsterdam, finding the perfect accommodation can make all the difference in your travel experience. At Accessible Travel Netherlands, we understand the importance of comfortable and accessible lodging, which is why we offer personalized hotel booking services that prioritize your needs and preferences.

What sets us apart is our commitment to ensuring that every hotel we recommend has been personally visited and thoroughly assessed for accessibility. We believe that firsthand experience is key to providing accurate and reliable recommendations to our clients. Our team of local experts has meticulously evaluated each hotel to ensure that it meets our high standards of accessibility, so you can book with confidence knowing that your accommodation will cater to your specific requirements.

But our services go beyond just ensuring accessibility. As locals, we have an intimate knowledge of Amsterdam and its neighborhoods. We understand the nuances of each area, from the bustling city center to the charming canal districts, and we use this knowledge to match you with a hotel that suits your preferences and interests. Whether you're seeking a boutique hotel with canal views or a cozy bed and breakfast in a historic neighborhood, we'll find the perfect option for you.

Having a local expert by your side can make all the difference in your travel planning process. We're here to provide personalized recommendations, insider tips, and on-the-ground support to ensure that your stay in Amsterdam is nothing short of exceptional. From recommending the best restaurants and attractions to arranging transportation and excursions, we're here to make your trip seamless and memorable.

When you book your hotel through Accessible Travel Netherlands, you're not just getting a place to stay – you're getting a personalized experience curated by locals who are passionate about sharing the best of Amsterdam with you. Let us take the stress out of hotel booking so you can focus on enjoying all that this vibrant city has to offer.

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