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Holiday in Holland

No matter what you want: we can help you.
Most people will visit Amsterdam first and then discover that there is more to it than just our beautiful capital.

Let us help you.

Accessible Travel Netherlands - Discover the most beautiful country in the world!

01. Amsterdam

Whatever it is that you are looking for, you can find it in Amsterdam. Meet the people and get to know this metropolis on your own pace. No hurry, don’t worry.

02. Other destinations

There is more to discover! The Netherlands is a country like no other. And it is wheelchair accessible like nothing else. Send us your wishes.

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Profiel header rent a beach wheelchair

03. Mobility equipment

Whatever you need during your discovery of Holland: we’ve got it. Tell us your needs and we will make you smile.

Discover the Netherlands, at your own pace

How we work

Who doesn’t want to visit the Netherlands?
We let your wishes and your demands meet exactly in the middle. Trustworthy advice so you can have a carefree holiday.

Step 1
You request a non-binding travel proposal.
Step 2
We check rates, availabilities and get to work!
Step 3
You'll receive a tailor-made travel proposal.
Step 4
Exactly what you want? Let's make it happen!
Step 5
About a week before departure you'll receive your travel documents.
Step 6
All you have to do now is pack your bags and put on your sunglasses!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I combine the Netherlands with other countries?

As we are a team we can offer the rest of Europe in your stay as well.

Can I just book my stay and equipment despite covid?

Of course! Book your stays and everything else you need. We've got a carefree cancellation policy.

Can I request anything that's not on the website

Yes you can. And we will help you. In fact (almost) anything is possible.

Why are there no other destinations specified?

This is a new and upgraded website and it's work in progress. We're adding new and existing destinations in the near future.