Accessible transfers Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Are you planning a trip to the Netherlands and worried about accessible transportation options from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport? Fret not! The Netherlands is renowned for its commitment to inclusivity, and this extends to its transportation services. Among these, the accessible taxi service stands out, offering a seamless journey for travelers with diverse mobility needs.

Accessibility at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Before we delve into the details of the accessible taxi service, let’s highlight the airport’s dedication to accessibility. Amsterdam Schiphol Airport prides itself on being one of Europe’s most accessible airports. From arrival to departure, every aspect of the airport experience is designed to accommodate passengers with disabilities.

The Convenience of Accessible Taxi Service

Upon landing at Schiphol Airport, navigating your way to your accommodation should be stress-free. Accessible taxi services are readily available, ensuring a smooth transition from the airport to your destination. Here’s why opting for an accessible taxi is your best choice:

1. Tailored Assistance:

Accessible taxis are equipped with features catering to various mobility needs. Whether you require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle, assistance with boarding, or other accommodations, these services are designed to meet your requirements.

2. Trained Professionals:

The drivers of accessible taxis undergo specialized training to assist passengers with disabilities. Their expertise ensures that you receive the necessary support throughout your journey, from the airport curb to your final destination.

3. Priority Access:

Accessibility doesn’t mean compromising on efficiency. Accessible taxi services often provide priority access, minimizing wait times and ensuring a prompt departure from the airport.

4. Comfort and Safety:

Comfort and safety are paramount during travel. Accessible taxis prioritize both aspects, offering secure restraints for wheelchair users and ensuring a comfortable ride for all passengers.

Booking Your Accessible Taxi

Booking an accessible taxi to or from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is hassle-free. Most taxi companies offer online booking platforms or dedicated phone lines for reservations. When making your booking, remember to specify any specific requirements to ensure a tailored service.

Large taxi van with platform lift

The largest van can position 6 people using a wheelchair. Instead of every wheelchair, 2 people can sit in the van.

  • 6 wheelchair users – 0 walkers
  • 5 wheelchair users – 2 walkers
  • 4 wheelchair users  – 4 walkers
  • 3 wheelchair users – 6 walkers
  • 2 wheelchair users – 8 walkers
  • 1 wheelchair user – 10 walkers

The total number of people to go in the van also depends on the type of wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs or scooters and the size of the chairs. The large van has a platform lift on the back side. The wheelchairs are fastened by a belt.

Coach / touring car / bus

At last, we can also arrange wheelchair accessible transport for big groups with over 10 wheelchair users. These touring cars have a platform lift and can remove chairs to place wheelchairs.


We can offer the following return transfers:

  • Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam city centre
  • Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam Passenger Terminal (PTA)
  • Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre
  • Schiphol Airport – Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam – Maastricht
  • Rotterdam – Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  • Eindhoven Airport – Amsterdam city centre
  • From and to any location in the Netherlands
  • From any location in the Netherlands to Belgium

Prices depend on the destination and number of people.

To book an adapted transfer to or from Schiphol Airport, email to