Where to find a doctor in Amsterdam

A guest blog from Amsterdaily.nl, a very informative Amsterdam City Blog with a funny edge. I really liked their post ‘Where to find a docter at night in Amsterdam’ and they agreed to share this post on Accessibletravelnl.com.

“What to do, when you are in urgent medical care, in the evening, night or weekend? Most of us will be inclined to go to the nearest Emergency Room. But this isn’t really necessary – at least – not in the Netherlands.

In our country most of the medical care is provided by general practicioners (huisartsen). They provide the first line of important care to Dutch citizens, also in the evenings, nights and weekends.





The Huisartsenpost takes care of the health of all Amsterdam citizens:

  • after 17.00 till 8.00 the next morning (Mon-Fri)
  • the whole weekend (Fri 17.00 till Mon 8.00)

They can be contacted when you are in need of urgent medical care (a sick child, an accident, acute serious health problems). When in doubt, you can always give them a call, they also give medical advice by phone. If they consider your complaint to be urgent, they will ask you to come to the Huisartsenpost (you’ll get an appointment) or the doctor will come to your place if your health doesn’t enable you to travel to the Huisartsenpost.



So, why go to the Huisartsenpost instead of the Emergency Room?

  • it is free (= covered by your insurance, ER will be charged at least 175 euro from your ‘eigen risico’)
  • it is good care (seriously)
  • all huisartsenposten are next to an ER –> so in case you need to go to the hospital, they will send you to the ER
  • you don’t have to wait for hours

How can I reach the Huisarstenpost?

You call 0031 (0)88 00 30 600.



What are the locations of the Huisartsenpost?


OLVG (at the entrance of the ER across the police station)
Oosterpark 9
1091 AC Amsterdam


Terrein BovenIJ ziekenhuis (across the ER)
Statenjachtstraat 1
1034 CS Amsterdam


St. Lucas Andreas ziekenhuis (next to the ER)
Jan Tooropstraat 164
1061 AE Amsterdam


AMC ziekenhuis (next to the ER)
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ Amsterdam


De Boelelaan 1117 (under the main entrance of the hospital)
1081 HV Amsterdam”

Source: Amsterdaily.nl