Rent a mobility hoist

Need a mobility hoist?

The following mobility hoists including slings can be delivered accross The Netherlands:
>Active mobility hoist: electrically controlled
>Active mobility hoist: manually controlled
>Passive mobility hoist for children: electrically controlled
>Mobility hoist for bath

The mobility hoists we deliver have a clipping system for the attachment of the slings. We will always deliver a mobility hoist with slings, just in case your own slings do not fit to the attachment system of the hoist.

Prices includes renting, delivery and pick-up. No delivery in the weekend and on holidays.

If more than two mobility equipments are booked, the total price will be less. In this case the transport costs will be calculated only once.

You receive a € 10,- discount on your mobility equipment when your accomodation is booked through Accessible Travel Netherlands as well.
Please indicate which mobility equipment you need when you send the travel proposal form.

Please inform your accommodation about the delivery of the equipment and provide them with the name you booked the accommodation and equipment with.

Make sure a person at the accommodation can receive and store the equipment. If you are staying at an apartment, the owners are not always present, make sure they are when the equipment is delivered. If there is no one available to accept the equipment, the driver will not deliver.

Last minute requests
In order to be guaranteed to have your equipment delivered at your accommodation, reserve latest 5 workdays in advance.

For last minute requests received 72 hours before delivery (3 working days) an additional fee of € 20,- will be charged. When you send a request less than 72 hours in advance, we cannot guarantee delivery, but we will try our best!

Mobility equipment cannot be delivered on Sundays or national holidays.

Transfer equipmentPrice 1-3 days1 week2 weeks3 weeks
Active hoist (including battery/charger)€ 175€ 233€ 334€ 435
Active hoist Jamy (including battery/charger)€ 204€ 301€ 471€ 640
Active hoist Sara 3000 (including battery/charger)€ 239€ 383€ 635€ 887
Back support strap (for active hoist)€ 72€ 78€ 90€ 101
Corsetband S t/m XL€ 72€ 78€ 90€ 101
Passive hoist (including battery/charger)€ 175€ 233€ 334€ 435
Passive hoist Wendy (<160kg)€ 218€ 334€ 536€ 739
Passive hoist Wendy heavy duty (<230kg)€ 218€ 334€ 536€ 739
Passive hoist Mary 4E HD (<300kg)€ 234€ 370€ 608€ 847
Passive hoist PowerMove mini (<200kg)€ 218€ 334€ 536€ 739
Passive hoist MaxiMove (<227kg)€ 281€ 480€ 829€ 1.178
Standard sling S t/m XL€ 72€ 78€ 90€ 101
Toilet sling S t/m XL€ 72€ 78€ 90€ 101
Amputation / VIP sling S t/m XL
€ 72€ 78€ 90€ 101
Get-up support with wheels (max 120 kg)€ 81€ 101€ 134€ 167
Get-up support with wheels legwidth adjustable (max 120 kg)€ 87€ 114€ 161€ 207
Get-up support rotatable disk (max 150 kg)€ 75€ 85€ 104€ 122

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