Ramp for Gouda Cheese Weighing House

Recently, the historical weigh house for cheese in Gouda, the cheese capital of the Netherlands, has become accessible! De Goudse Waag, as it’s called in Dutch, can now welcome disabled visitors who would like to experience a very Dutch tradition!

The house itself is very interesting to visit as it was built back in 1668! The ground floor, which is now fully accessible, is a unique gift shop where you can buy Gouda cheese and much more, like special cheeses and the best cheese slicers! Of course traditional Dutch souvenirs are always a must! The second floor of the building is a museum where visitors can learn about how the famous Gouda cheese used to be weighed and traded here as well as other products.

We think it is great that people with limited mobility can now enjoy this unique, traditional Dutch experience and we are very thankful to the people who run the place for their consideration and decision to built bright yellow ramps for an easy wheelchair access to this small museum!



What else to do in Gouda?


The museum is only an addition to all the wonderful places that Gouda has to offer to the visitors! The city hall in the Markt square, one of the oldest Gothic city halls in the Netherlands is definitely a must- see attraction, as well as the Saint John Church, the longest church in the Netherlands! The church is famous for its stained glass windows, made between 1530 and 1603. It is considered the most important stained glass collection in the country! Gouda also organizes a Cheese market every Thursday during spring and summer.

Those and many more attractions are the reward of the visitors of this charming town!



Stays and tours


If you’re planning to stay in The Netherlands, do not hesitate to request a guided tour in Gouda. We’ll arrange accessible return transfer and if you want, a local tour guide. 

Would you like to book a hotel in Gouda? We can help you find a hotel that meets your requirements. Send us an email for more information.

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