Kunstmuseum in The Hague

A gem that offers an extraordinary experience can be found in the city of The Hague, the Kunstmuseum (from the Dutch for Art Museum). It is an institution in the cultural scene and a major destination for art lovers.

The museum has more than 160,000 objects, making it one of the largest in the Old Continent. It is best known for works by the Den Haag School, Picasso, Mondriaan, Bacon, and Monet. Its collection features paintings, sculpture, jewelry, posters, haute couture, glass, Delft ceramics, ceramics from the Far East, and furniture.

The idea of building the museum dates back to 1866 by the Association for the Establishment of a Museum of Modern Art, an organization that grouped artists and nobles. The group was responsible for purchasing works of art and renting exhibition space. The current site of the museum was designed by Hendrick Petrus Berlage, one of the most prominent and influential architects in the Dutch panoram. His work was so well executed that the building itself has become a work of art. A combination of modern and traditional lines that reflects the very nature of the collections housed here. Here you can immerse yourself in the journey of art through the centuries. As of 2019, the new name “Kunstmuseum” has replaced the older name “Gemeentemuseum” (Municipal Museum) to target a more international audience. Over the years it has gained important recognition at national levels.



Accessibility info – Kunstmuseum Den Haag:


      • Parking: In front of the main entrance there are 2 parking spaces reserved for visitors with disabilities (with special parking card)


        • Taxi: In front of the museum there are no official cabs permanently. The driver can temporarily park in the dedicated place for couriers.


          • Entrance: at the entrance there is a long corridor with a staircase/elevator at the end that can be operated by museum staff.


            • Chaperone: Free admission for visitors who cannot visit the museum independently.


              • Exhibition rooms: Most halls are large and spacious but many doors must be opened by hand and are heavy. Some halls have a high entrance threshold (4 cm).


                • No-accessible rooms: Delft Blue Wonder/period rooms (the dollhouse, the exit from the Gobelin Delft Blue Wonder/period rooms)

                • Rental: possibility of renting wheelchairs or walkers (contact in advance).


                  • Quiter moments: difficult to predict when the exhibition halls are less crowded. There are usually many visitors on weekends and Wednesdays. From 3 to 5 p.m. it is quieter.


                    • Lifts: All floors can be reached by elevator. The main elevator is located in front of the museum store and has the following dimensions: 107 x 155 cm.


                      • Loop system: present in the auditorium. More information available at the box office.


                        • Accessible toilet on the ground floor: small room (163 x 300 cm) with little room to maneuver. It is located in front of the entrance to the museum store. The door has a width of 87 cm. 120 cm between the sink and the wall.


                          • Accessible toilet on the first basement floor: In the Wonderkamer area. The bathroom features an automatic door and has a 5.2% slope. Small room size (178 x 245 cm) with little room to maneuver. The door has a width of 86 cm. 120 cm between the sink and the wall.


                            • Service dogs: allowed.


                              • Cafè: at the ground floor.


                                • Mobility scooters: are accepted small and are asked to limit the hourly speed inside the halls.


                                  • Accessible Adult Change Facility: none.


                                    • Benches: Many without backrests or armrests.



                                  More information about Kunstmuseum: 


                                      • Address: Stadhouderslaan 41, 2517 HV Den Haag

                                      • Opening days and hours: dal martedì alla domenica dalle ore 10 alle ore 17.

                                      • Closing days: chiuso il 25 dicembre e il 1 gennaio. Il 31 dicembre chiusura anticipata alle ore 16.

                                      • Ticket price: dal 2024 Euro 19,- per gli adulti, Euro 8,- per i giovani dai 18 ai 25, e gratis per i minorenni.



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