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Virtual Reality experience Anne Frank House


A new trend is occuring, the use of Virtual Reality tours to make non-accessible experiences accessible. The Anne Frank House is one of this examples. The Anne Frank House has improved their accessibility for people with limited mobility with the use of virtual reality. Visitors who can’t climb the steep stairs to the Secret Annexe can now have the same experience as their co-visitors.

The Anne Frank House is visited by people from all corners of the World, the Secret Annexe being the main reason to visit. During the WWII this cramped area of the house was hidden by a book closet and a map. Behind this book closet is a small steep stairway going up to the 2nd floor of the house where the Secret Annexe is. For visitor it’s a unique experience, just climbing these stairway and getting the first impression of the space. The space covers a few small empty rooms and a third floor of the same measurements. Some of the walls are decorated with stories and pictures of Anne Frank and the other residents of the house.

Before August 2015 visitors who can’t climb the steep and narrow stairs where not able to experience the Secret Annexe. While their co-visitors were in the Secret Annexe, they would visit the exhibition, the restaurant and museum shop. They would not have the same experience to take home.

The Anne Frank House has found a solution for this! A 360 degrees tour including guide and animations is developed that can be viewed with the Virtual Reality glass Oculus Gear. This virtual reality experience will give visitors who can’t access the Secret Annexe a virtual tour in the rooms and the attic of the house. Visitors with limited mobility can enjoy the 10 minute Virtual Reality Tour in the restaurant of museum. When their fellow visitors will return from the Secret Annexe they will now be able to join the conversation!

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