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In November 2018, Houssaine el Ichen and Veroniek Maat made a short video of accessibility in Amsterdam. Veroniek, the owner of Accessible Travel Netherlands has lived in Amsterdam since 2010 and Houssaine lives in Amsterdam since 2018. Houssaine is originally from Morocco, which is where he started his company Disabled Tourist Guide. In Morocco he guides people through the busy but beautiful streets of the old city centers and, to the beautiful Atlas mountains and beyond. His website is called

Since he’s been living in Amsterdam, Veroniek and Houssaine have decided to start promoting accessible tourism opportunities in more languages, namely Arabic, French and English. With Houssaine speaking Arabic and French, it’s possible to tell Arabic and French speaking people around the world about the opportunities of accessible travel in the Netherlands and beyond.

Below you’ll find the first video about accessible tourism in Amsterdam.

Video about Accessible travel in Amsterdam


Houssaine: Hello my friends. Today Veroniek and I will take you on a tour of Amsterdam.

Veroniek: My name is Veroniek from Accessible Travel Netherlands. I’m here today with Houssaine. He lives in Amsterdam and has a company called Disabled Tourist Guide. We are going to show you some beautiful places in Amsterdam.

The video now shows Amsterdam Central Station, the street called Rokin and Dam Square.

Houssaine: With this tour we will show you what is possible for people with special needs in Amsterdam.

Veroniek: The aim of this video is to show you accessible places in Amsterdam.

Houssaine and Veroniek: Let’s go!

The video shows the accessibility of:

  • the national monument at Dam Square
  • the accessible entrance of New Church at Dam Square, next to the Royal Palace
  • the shopping street in Amsterdam city centre, Nieuwendijk street,
  • the Beurs van Berlage, restaurants and event centre
  • the elevator in Beurs van Berlage
  • shops with ramps
  • the metro entrance at Amsterdam Central Station
  • the elevator at accessible restaurant ‘Loetje’ at Amsterdam Central Station

Houssaine: We hope you enjoyed this tour with us. Our services are available in different languages. In case you are planning a holiday to Amsterdam, we are happy to take you on an easy and unforgettable tour. Please, don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family.

Veroniek: We hope this video was interesting for you and inspired you to visit Amsterdam. Together we offer tours and assistance in the Netherlands in seven languages. You can contact us any time if you have questions about traveling in the Netherlands. And don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family. Goodbye!

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