HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show 8-12 March at RAI Amsterdam


There are several outdoor activities that physically challenged people are able to enjoy. As you can read here, water sports as sailing and canoeing are very popular outdoor activities to do with physical disabilities. These sports can be practised individually (with assistance), participants can take control and have a taste of freedom.

Adaptive water sports

Sailing is one of the fastest-growing sports for people with physical limitations. This is because even people who are paralyzed from neck down could be able to sail by themselves. Sailing provides the highest level of independence from all sports or recreational activities, giving the feeling of absolute freedom to the participants. This water sport also does not segregate people based on their physical abilities. When it comes to competing, people with disabilities have equal chance of winning as their able-bodied competitors. Another popular water sport for physically challenged people is canoeing. For adaptive canoeing, the most used equipment is the outrigger canoe. It is a long, thin canoe that is supported by an outrigger that prevents the boat to capsize. Outrigger canoeing is adaptable for people with amputations, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, visual impairment and intellectual disability.

Do you want to try sailing, canoeing or even blokarting in the Netherlands? Please contact us and we will organize the activity for you.

HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show

Do you fancy the breeze of the sea, hitting the waves and immerse in the nature? Are you interested to see the latest developments of watersport accessories, new boats and be up-to-date for the upcoming watersports season? Then HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is a must-visit! This event offers everything for aquatic activities. From exhibition with small and middle sized boats to maintenance workshops, from boating accessories to navigation equipment, HISWA Amsterdam boat show at RAI Amsterdam will keep all water sport enthusiasts entertained from Wednesday 8 and to Sunday 12 March 2017.

What you will find at the HISWA Amsterdam boat show:

  • An exhibiton with hundreds of boats shorter than 10 meters
  • An extensive selection of accessories
  • Lectures and demonstrations to learn
  • The latest developments and unique premiers
  • A wide range of water-related activities

Sailibility will be present at the event to share their knowledge about adaptive sailing in the Netherlands. The vision of the organization is to make sailing possible for people with physical or intellectual challenges. Sailibility aims to achieve a national cooperation with water sport associations that would provide the opportunity of practicing independent sailing for people with disabilities.

For more information, opening times and tickets, click here.

Accessibility information

HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show is easily accessible for people with disabilities and wheelchair users. The aisles of the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show are all flat and spacious. There are elevators and adapted toilets in the building. Visitors who are in possession of an official disability card can register at the lodge of the P7-parking garage that can be reached by following the route P RAI 7. Also with disability card the parking at RAI Amsterdam costs € 18,00 per 24 hour.

It is possible to rent a wheelchair at RAI Amsterdam. It is necessary to make a reservation, to do so you must send an email to frontoffice@rai.nl with:

  • your name, address and place of residence
  • date and time of the visit at HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show.

Make sure you have a valid identification document to show.

If you are a wheelchair user and have a companion with you, your escort can get an entrance ticket free of charge by showing your medical declaration at the cash register of HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show. You still need to purchase an entrance ticket for yourself. Exception: in case you are renting a wheelchair from RAI Amsterdam, it is not possible for your companion to enter free of charge. It is also possible to enter the HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show with a mobility scooter.

Do you need help?

If you wish to rent a wheelchair or mobility scooter during your whole stay in Amsterdam, you can rent it through Accessible Travel Netherlands. Click on this link to find the pages to make a reservation. You can also get in touch with us for accessible accommodation and taxi’s by sending an email.