Foodhallen was found in 2014, and has been home to food lovers ever since. The establishment offers a wide range of high-end concepts. Foodhallen combines unique foods from different cities with connecting people in iconic places. Foodhallen is always looking for new ways to give local kitchens an international platform. Foodhallen stands for celebrating flavors and has 3 locations where it shares its big variety of creative and innovative dishes: Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague.


Foodhallen started in Amsterdam, the first restaurant was built here. Foodhallen Amsterdam offer a collection of the best food Amsterdam has to offer. If you have allergies or a specific diet, no problem! Foodhallen Amsterdam offers food for everyone. It is located on Bellamyplein, which is in Amsterdam Old West. The restaurant is easily accessible since it has its own (paid) parking lot. You can also access the restaurant by public transport. Take the train to Amsterdam Central Station and get on tram 17, get off at ten Katestraat. Foodhallen is just around the corner from this tram stop. For more information about using public transport in Amsterdam, visit our blog ‘Trams in Amsterdam’.

The restaurant is fully wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair accessible toilet can be found in the same building, at the neighbors in the Filmhallen (cinema). The Foodhallen, the cinema, a library and several shops are located in the same building, which is an old tram remise. This tram remise is renovated and modernized, but still shows off its handsome original look.

Note, visit Foodhallen Amsterdam in the morning or early afternoon, the avoid the crowds.


The second Foodhallen opened in 2018 in Rotterdam. Rotterdam’s finest food is presented here at one of the liveliest locations. Like the Foodhallen in Amsterdam, allergies or diets are no problem since the establishment has different stands with different kinds of food. You can simply get anything you like. Foodhallen Rotterdam is located at the Wilhelminakade on the modern ‘Kop van Zuid’. Nearby the restaurant, there are two paid parking lots which are situated in the surrounding buildings. You can also access the restaurant by public transport. Go to Rotterdam Central Station and take metro D, get off at Wilhelminaplein. The restaurant is fully wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair accessible toilet can be found at the neighbors Hotel Room Mate Bruno.

The Hague

The third Foodhallen is not open yet, but will be in October this year (2019). The establishment will have 12 food stands, 11 of them will be permanent and one pop-up. Entrepreneurs can apply, which is why it is unknown what kinds of food stands there will be. The entrepreneurs will most likely serve food which is typical from The Hague. The food will be in between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, in the middle between street food and refined dishes. The restaurant will be located in the center of The Hague and will be easy to reach and access. The restaurant will be, like the other ones, fully wheelchair accessible. Additional information about Foodhallen. The Hague will follow at the end of this year.