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Flower Parade 2017


Between the 19th and the 23rd of April the annual Flower Parade takes place. In Dutch this parade is called Bloemencorso. The day that the Flower Parade can be seen is the 21st of April. It departs in Noordwijk and ends in city of Haarlem. The parade passes through the towns of Voorhout, Sassenheim, Lisse, Hillegom and Heemstede. The parade cars are composed with bulb flowers such as tulips, hyacinths and daffodils. The Flower Parade is known as the face of Spring.

The parade consists of about twenty floats and over forty luxurious and special vehicles richly decorated with flowers. For an extra festive character the exhibition will be accompanied by music and bands. There is plenty of room along the whole route for thousands of visitors.


Since the Flower Parade is an outdoor event, it’s accessible for everyone. On the 21st of April you can combine a visit to the Keukenhof Gardens with watching the Flower Parade passing through Lisse.

Along the route of the parade are two grandstands, one in Sassenheim and one in Lisse. Tickets for these grandstands can be ordered on the website of the Flower Parade.

We asked the organization of the Flower Parade about the availability or best places for wheelchair accessible spots to watch the parade. We are currently waiting for their answer and will place this information soon.

Visit the Netherlands during the Flower Parade

Are you visiting the Netherlands during the Flower Parade or would you like to visit? There are different options for accessible accommodation, for example in Amsterdam, Schiphol, Haarlem and Leiden. You can request specific information by sending an email to us.

More information about the Flower Parade can be found here: https://www.bloemencorso-bollenstreek.nl/en/