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Destination highlighted: Maastricht


Maastricht is located in the southern part of the Netherlands, very close to the border with Belgium and near to Germany. While walking around in the city, visitors get the feeling that they are not in the Netherlands anymore. You can hear the locals speak in Dutch, French, German and English because of the influence from the neighboring countries. The architecture reflects the same mix: the buildings are representing not only Dutch, but French and Belgian styles as well. Maastricht is believed to be one of the oldest cities of the Netherlands. It is an attractive city with medieval buildings, a historic city center and many attractions and art for the visitors. River Meuse divides the city into two parts: on one side, there is the trains station and business area, while on the other side you can find the historic center and shopping streets. The place is filled with restaurants, cafes and gives home to several university students.

Accessible attractions

Het Vrijthof

This square is famous for its outdoor cafes and events, and it is very popular amongst visitors, especially in the summer. You can sit outside and enjoy a piece of Limburgse Vlaai – a fruit pie originated from this area of the Netherlands – while admiring the impressive architecture around. You have a view on the St. Servatius Basilica from here, a Romanesque cathedral

Bonnefanten Museum

This museum in Maastricht is the place to be to admire fine art. The collection consists of two main lines: old- and contemporary art pieces.

The most part of the museum is accessible for wheelchair-users. There is an elevator on every floor, as well as couches and movable chairs to take a rest. The adapted toilet can be found on the ground floor. The exhibition on the third floor is only partly accessible for visitors in a wheelchair.

Prices: Adults € 12 p.p., students € 6 p.p.

If you wish to book a wheelchair, you call the department of visitor services on +31 (0) 43 329 0111.

Natural History Museum

This museum introduces the nature of the region from long time ago until today. It is small, but very interesting and interactive place where there is opportunity to learn about different animals and plants. There are temporary exhibitions as well that are worth to visit. The information is mainly in Dutch, but there are English brochures available at the counter.

There are no ramps at the entrance and the doors are wide enough for wheelchair-users. There is adapted toilet available in the museum.

Prices: Adults € 6,40 p.p., children from 5 till 11 years old € 4,30 p.p.

Maastricht Underground

If you are adventurous and wish to do something unusual, you can visit the caves under the city of Maastricht. During a guided tour in the North Caves you go underground to see the galleries that once hided Dutch national art treasures. The Zonneberg Caves used to serve as shelter for Maastricht residents during the II. World War. The North Caves and Zonneberg Caves are accessible with a wheelchair.


North Caves: Adults € 10,20 p.p., children from 4 till 12 years old € 7,90 p.p.

Zonneberg Caves: Adults € 6,60 p.p., children from 4 till 12 years old € 5,20 p.p.

The 4-Locks Voyage

On this boat trip you can discover Maastricht from the water, passing through 4 locks on the way.

Prices: Adults € 20,25 p.p., children from 4 till 12 years old € 12,15 p.p.

It is necessary to make a reservation for the trip at least 2 weeks in advance to make sure that the wheelchair-friendly boat is being used on the day of the excursion.

Just relax and enjoy this buzzing city!

Maastricht is perfect for a relaxed city trip! The shopping streets are filled with countless boutiques where you can pass the time and treat yourself to something nice. After shopping, the best is to get a drink and a bite in one of the outdoor restaurants. To finish the day, you can watch a movie in the cinema where there is space for wheelchairs.

Accessible toilets

There are adapted toilets available all over the city; at Vrijthof you can go to Grand Café Soiron or Eetcafe Rekko; at the Market Square you can find one in the City Hall. You can see all accessible toilets on the map here.

How to get there?

Maastricht can be approached from Amsterdam by train, but you have to change trains in Utrecht. The journey takes about 2,5 hours.

Accessible Accommodation

In order to book a hotel during your stay in Maastricht, please let us know about your special needs and we will arrange an adapted room for you!