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The first complete solution for boarding disabled air travelers

The PRM Transfer Lift is developed by Prevalis in cooperation with Schiphol/Axxicom to lift and transfer PRM passengers (Persons with Reduced Mobility) into or out of their aircraft seat. PRM “Carry-on” passengers sometimes need full assistance boarding or deboarding the aircraft. The lift is developed to reduce manually lifting of PRM passengers by airport service personnel.

Manual lifting is history!

The importance of the PRM Transfer Lift

Manually lifting PRM passengers into or out of their aircraft seats is the method used in most airports around the world. This type of lifting is experienced as uncomfortable and unwanted by most PRM passengers. Also the airport service personnel is not content with manually lifting since it requires excessive physical effort, which eventually leads to harmful consequences such as back problems and sick leave.

But don’t fear, the solution is here! As said before, Prevalis developed the PRM Transfer Lift to solve the problem. The lift transfers passengers to and from all normal aircraft seat types and most business class seat types, on both sides of the cabin, and all the way to and from the window seat. Multiple airports are interested in the PRM Transfer Lift or are testing the device.

Everyone has the right to travel!

How does it work?

In order to lift and transfer, the PRM passenger will be lifted out of their wheelchair, seated in the size adjustable lifting sling. While sitting in the PRM Transfer Lift, the passenger will be transferred into the aircraft by the airport service personnel. Manual lifting into the aisle wheelchair is no longer necessary. Any aircraft isle can be entered by the PRM Transfer Lift wheelbase since it is completely adjustable.

It doesn’t take extra time to transfer the passenger to his or her designated seat. The passenger will be lifted over the designated seat row and over any fixed arm rests into his or her aircraft seat. It does not matter which seat in the row it is, both the aisle seat and the window seat are easy accessible with the lift, which is convenient since passengers are not always allowed to choose their seats.

Using the PRM Transfer Lift will not cause any delay, as it is easy to transport the lift around the airport and aircraft. The lift can be applied safely in all major aircraft types, using the Aviobridge or the platform Ambulift.

Have a look at the website of Prevalis to learn more about the PRM Transfer Lift: