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Adapted bike rental in the Netherlands


Want to go for a ride? Below you can find a list of several bike rentals that rent adapted bicycles for one or multiple days. Enjoy the ride!

BlijFietsen, Vlaardingen (province Zuid-Holland)

Stichting BlijFietsen is located nearby the nature reserves of Midden Delfland and the Broekpolder. You can rent different types of bicycles, such as the Fun2Go bike, the O-pair wheelchair bike, the Veluplus wheelchair bike, 4-wheel-tandems, a 3-person Riksja, tricycles and balance bikes.

Take a look at www.BlijFietsen.com for more information.

De Hoge Veluwe (province Gelderland)

At National Park de Hoge Veluwe you can rent different types of bicycles for free or a small compensation. In this park you will find good cycle paths for long bicycle tours or just to practice your skills.

Take a look at https://www.hogeveluwe.nl/en/rentals for more information.

Fietsverhuur Brabant, Bladel (province Noord-Brabant)

Also in North-Brabant you can rent all types of bicycles, such as e-bikes, O-pair bicycles or duo bikes.

Take a look at www.fietsverhuurbrabant.nl for more information.

Foets E-bike verhuur, (province Noord-Holland)

At Foets you can rent an e-bike, but also a Fun2Go and an EasyRider. Foets E-bike is open 7 days a week and can deliver and collect the bike of your choice!

Take a look at https://foets.nl/en/bike-rental/ for more information.

Fred’s scooter en e-bike verhuur, Schagen (province Noord-Holland)

This bike rental in Schagen has several adapted bicycles for you available. Make a reservation for the bicycles of your choice in time, so they can be delivered on your planned tour day!

Take a look at www.fredsverhuur.nl for more information.

Lemonbike, Noordwijk and Katwijk (province Zuid-Holland)

If you are thinking of a bike tour along the bulb fields or to the beaches of Noordwijk or Katwijk, Lemonbike is the place to go. Lemonbike has two locations, one in Katwijk and one in Noordwijk. The rental location in Katwijk is very close to the beach and the location in Noordwijk is closer to the bulb fields. The bike rental place has a variety of special needs bikes available, including the Fun2go duobike, the Veloplus bike (with platform in front), the O-pair bike (with large seat in front) and the Easyrider tricycle.

For more information about the bikes, have a look at the website www.lemonbike.nl.

Reiber Rijwielen, Dwingeloo (province Drenthe)

This bike rental is located in Drenthe. They offer several bicycles such as the wheelchair bike (O-pair) and the Quattrocycle for rental.

Take a look at www.reiberrijwielen.nl for more information.

Starbikes Rental, Amsterdam (province Noord-Holland)

This bike rental is located in Amsterdam at the De Ruyterkade. They rent out several bicycles such as wheelchair bikes, recumbent bikes, a Fun2Go bike and a Firefly steering wheel.

The Fun2Go bike has two seats next to each other. Both sides have pedals, but only one person is required to use them, the other person can sit back and relax. This bicycle can be used by people with limited mobility or balance and people with limited or no vision or hearing, they can sit next to the ‘driver’ and enjoy the ride. The seats of the bikes can be easily adjusted to the desired seating distance.

The Firefly is an electric hand bike that can be attached to your wheelchair. With this device you will go twice as fast and twice as far. The Firefly can be rented with and without a wheelchair.

Take a look at www.starbikesrental.com for more information.

Twentefiets, Twente (province Overijssel)

This bike rental rents out wheelchair bicycles, Duobikes and Quattrocycle. The Quattrocycle is a recumbent bike which can be used by 4 people at the same time. With this bicycle you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Twente.

Take a look at www.twentefiets.nl for more information.

Van Raam, Varsseveld (province Gelderland)

Bike rental Van Raam is located in a little town called Varsseveld. This company rents out several bicycles such as the O-pair wheelchair bike. This bicycle has an extra wheelchair at the front. The advantage of this bike is that the wheelchair at the front can be detached. This way you can stay seated in your wheelchair as the bike is parked. With help of the electric drive, riding the bicycle is easy. Van Raam also rents the VeloPlus wheelchair transportbike. This bicycle has a platform at the front and can be used so people in wheelchairs can stay seated while taking a bike tour. Van Raam also rents out the Fun2Go duobike.

Take a look at www.vanraam.nl for more information.

Velorette recreatie, Aalten (province Gelderland)

Bike rental Velorette recreatie is located in Aalten. This company offers their own bicycle: the Velorette recreatie bicycle. This bicycle is suitable for activities with the elderly or people with limited mobility, since there is only one person required to use the steering wheel. The person in the back on the left, is in charge of the navigation and has two control levers to give direction. This bicycle has four gear hubs, so everyone can individually change gears.

Take a look at www.velorette.nl for more information.

Vermeulen Bikes, Texel (province Noord-Holland)

Vermeulen Bikes is located in Den Hoorn on Wadden Island Texel. This company rents out several bicycles so everyone can enjoy beautiful Texel. The bicycles for rent are the Veloplus, O-pair, Fun2Go and a tricycle.

Take a look at www.vermeulenbikes.nl for more information.

Vierfiets, Amersfoort (province Utrecht)

Vierfiets bike rental is located right across the train station of Amersfoort, which is a central location in the Netherlands. They rent out the Quattrocycle: the special 4-person bike. They have 2 of these bikes without support and 1 with electric support. The Quattrocycle with electric support can be rid by 1 ‘driver’ and 3 co-drivers. There can also be a children’s seat attached to the back, this way 7 people can enjoy this ride. The bicycle also has rotatable armrests, seatbelts and footstools for a safe trip.

Vierfiets also has the new bicycle in the Netherlands: the Alinker. This is not only a mobility vehicle that promotes an active lifestyle, it is a social equalizer. On the Alinker R-volution you sit up straight, at eye level with your environment. This bike makes it possible to reach longer distances with more energy. The Alinker is also suitable for people with limited mobility, athletes and recreative users.

Take a look at www.vierfiets.nl for more information.

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Do you need help with renting one of these extraordinary bikes?

We can help you with reservering one of the below bikes. We could also organise the delivery of a bike at any spot in the Netherlands. Please make sure to reserve well in advance, as not all bike rental places do delivery and we depend on a few of them.