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Active and outdoor with a disability


In Holland there are quite a few possibilities for outdoor activities for people with physical disabilities. From swinging from tree to tree to racing on the beach. Below you find a list of four amazing sporty and accessible outdoor activities in Holland.

Surviving at height

Do you like some adventure and do you want to push your limits?

This is possible at Outdoor Laarbeek in North Brabant! By making use of rope access and custom harnesses everyone can enjoy themselves. The whole park is designed so it is totally wheelchair friendly. What activities can you do at the park?

At 4 meters altitude you can experience the following:

  • A wheelchair trail
  • A rope lift from 0 to 4 meters
  • Abseiling
  • Abseiling with the wheelchair on a sloping wall
  • Canopying

And at 9 meters you can experience the following:

  • Experiencing a parcours at height in a custom harness
  • Canopying

From the ground:

  • The ‘Big Swing’ in a climbing harness. This is a giant swing.

Spend a day climbing, sliding or abseiling with family or friends. Take a rest with a delicious lunch or BBQ. Do you want to spent a whole weekend? Please contact us and we will find a appropriate accommodation.


Do you want to enjoy the breeze of the sea? With special boats, sailing is possible for everyone! Sailing has been made accessible by providing the boats with adaptations, special seating and electrical control. This means that anyone can steer the boat, even with one finger or with your chin. These boats can not capsize and are accompanied by volunteers in a dinghy, so everyone can enjoy sailing on the water. Do you not want to sail on your own? That is possible, in the double boat you will sail with an experienced sailor. The sailing club provides volunteers and equipment while cruising embarking and disembarking. Where can you do this? Sailwise offers everyone, no matter what their disability is, the possibility to sail. Also Sailability is waiting for you to give you an unforgettable day sailing.

Interested in adapted sailing? From the 2nd of June till the 9th of June the sailing event Hansa Worlds is held in Medemblik. This is definitely a must to take a closer look and experience how people from around the world with disabilities take part in a sailing race.


This is the most spectacular fun sport at the beach of Wijk aan Zee. Experience the thrill of sand yachting in original blokarts on the wide beach. This fun sport can be exercised on your own, with a group or with a duo blokart You learn how to blokart under professional supervision. When blokarting you are safely secured with a belt and you don’t use your legs. After the blokarting you can relax at the beach pavilions Aloha or Timbuktu and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. Want to rent a beach chair? Reserve one in advance, find all places to rent a beach chairs in the brochure ‘Beach wheelchairs along the Dutch coast’.


Want to feels what it’s like to be part of the nature? That’s the experience when you are in the water. Canoeing is an accessible water sport, because supervisors help you get in and out of the canoe and even help you enter the water using a special slide. ‘Kano op IJburg’ in Amsterdam is making all this possible. Cruising in secure stable canoes with a wide brim and everybody will get a peddle and a life jacket. The jetty is wheelchair accessible. The canoeing is suitable for people with clear communication, these conditions are established to ensure safety while canoeing.

Want to book these activities with a group? Please contact us and we will organize a group activity for you.