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Accessible traveling by train in Europe


Discover Europe by train

Are you planning on visiting multiple destinations while travelling to Europe and do you want to contribute to a better global environment at the same time? You have come to the right address!

Since a few years, we have started to offer train tickets to many destinations in Europe. We have received requests for train tickets to and from Belgium, Germany and even Poland. Just tell us your preferred destination(s) and arrival times, and we’ll take care of the rest. You will get assistance at all platforms on all destinations, to make it easier for you to get off the train. We’ll even reserve a great spot for you where you’ll either be able to stay seated in your wheelchair, or where you can easily make a transfer to a fixed seat. The adapted bathrooms are just around the corner!

Not convinced yet? Please find below the benefits of travelling by train.

No need to wait

There is no need to turn up to the train stations 2 hours before departure, 30 minutes in advance will give you plenty of time to get on the train. There is no checking in* or waiting around. This will give you more time to explore the cities.

More comfort

No more turbulence, luggage restrictions* or little to no legroom. Travelling by train gives you a little more room to relax. Would you like to have more space? There is the option of travelling first class. Free Wi-Fi on board is a fairly standard feature on board most trains. You will also have your luggage close to you at all times as there are plenty of spaces to store your bags safely.

Arrive right in the city centre

Schiphol Airport (AMS), for example, is located 30 minutes by car from the city centre of Amsterdam. As you might already know, not all cities have an airport close by. However, most train stations in Europe are centrally located, which makes it more affordable for you if you need transfers to your hotel. Another plus is that you would also not have to worry about waiting until your luggage arrives on the belt, or wait for passport control*. Just wait for the assistance to help you get off the train and assist you to the exit of the train station and you’re ready to explore the city!

Off the beaten track

From the countryside to small authentic villages, valleys and rivers: you can see it all from your wheelchair or seat. Beautiful photos guaranteed (don’t forget to bring your camera with you)!

*there are, of course, a few exceptions

A few destinations that are easy to reach from Amsterdam by train with zero or one transfer:

– Brussels, Belgium
– Antwerp, Belgium
– Paris, France
– Berlin, Germany
– Cologne, Germany
– Dusseldorf, Germany
– Frankfurt, Germany
– Munich, Germany
– London, United Kingdom
– Vienna, Austria
– Zurich, Switzerland

With trusted accessible travel specialists as partners accross Europe, we can compose your complete accessible Europe tours, transfers and mobility equioment. For more information, please visit the following page: Accessible Europe Tours.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can assist you with booking your train tickets, hotels, tours, or if you have any additional questions.

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