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Accessible tourism consultancy


Accessible Travel Netherlands offers accessible tourism consultancy to the tourism industry. The number of senior travelers and travelers with a disability is increasing. Travel agencies receive or, will in the near future receive more holiday requests from seniors and people with disabilities. Also hotels, museums and tourist sites will identify a growth in visitor numbers from seniors and people with disabilities. These travelers or visitors will bring advantage to their businesses as revenues will increase due to a variety of reasons:

  • Seniors tend to travel when young people are not
  • Seniors and people with disabilities tend to spend more time at the accommodation, tourist attraction or museum
  • Seniors and people with disabilities spend more money at the particular venue.
  • We offer consultancy on
  • Accessible accommodations in the Netherlands
  • Accessibility of tourist sites in the Netherlands
  • Accessible transport opportunities in the Netherlands
  • Universal design and adapting interior in order to increase comfort for seniors and people with disabilities
  • Communication about accessibility
  • E-accessibility

To request a quotation email to info@accessibletravelnl.com