Accessible tourism consultancy

Accessible Travel Netherlands specializes in providing consultancy services tailored to the evolving needs of the tourism industry. As the demographic of senior travelers and those with disabilities continues to expand, it’s crucial for travel agencies, hotels, museums, and tourist sites to adapt to this demographic shift.

With the surge in holiday requests from seniors and individuals with disabilities, businesses can anticipate a significant uptick in visitor numbers from these demographics. This presents a unique opportunity for establishments to not only enhance inclusivity but also to boost their revenues. Here’s why:



      1. Seniors often choose to travel during off-peak times, complementing the traditional tourist influx.

      1. Both seniors and individuals with disabilities typically spend extended periods at accommodations, attractions, or museums, translating into increased revenue streams for these venues.

      1. These demographics tend to invest more in their travel experiences, positively impacting the financial performance of the establishments they visit.



    At Accessible Travel Netherlands, we provide comprehensive consultancy services covering various aspects of accessible tourism in the Netherlands, including:


        • Assessing and enhancing the accessibility of accommodations.

        • Ensuring tourist sites are welcoming and accessible to all.

        • Facilitating accessible transportation options throughout the country.

        • Implementing universal design principles and interior adaptations to optimize comfort for seniors and individuals with disabilities.

        • Crafting effective communication strategies to promote accessibility.

        • Enhancing e-accessibility for seamless digital experiences.

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