10 apps to download when visiting the Netherlands

Do you want to prevent getting lost, looking for that accessible restaurant for hours or getting trapped in a place without an accessible toilet? We’ve listed 10 very useful apps to download and use during your stay in the Netherlands.

1. Issuu

Download this app and look for ‘city guide accessible Amsterdam’. This city guide is designed for visitors of all ages. The city guide describes five short routes in Amsterdam. Each route takes the visitor to accessible restaurants, museums and sights. The routes and recommendations are easily accessible for people who have difficulty walking and visitors who use a wheelchair or scooter. Both the app and the guide are available in English.

2. Ongehinderd

The Ongehinderd app (only in Dutch) will help you find accessible restaurants, attractions and so much more nice places to visit! This app will ensure you are well prepared for your visit.

3. Wheelmate

The Wheelmate app can be used to find accessible toilets and disabled parking places in the Netherlands. By letting the app know where you are in the Netherlands, it can provide you with locations of accessible toilets and / or parking spaces near you.

4. Accessaloo

The Accessaloo app takes the stress away of not being able to find an accessible toilet. This app will leave you with more time for what’s really important: exploring and discovering new places.

5. The Anne Frank House in virtual reality

Force Field Entertainment has developed an app, in collaboration with the Anne Frank House, which showcases the hiding space of Anne Frank and her family in virtual reality. The Anne Frank House VR app is available for visitors to the Anne Frank House who have limited mobility: those who cannot climb the stairs to visit the secret annex.

The virtual reality tour takes about 25 minutes, provides background information and is available in seven languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew.

6. 9292ov

The real time journey planner 9292OV can be used to plan your public transport journey from A to B. Check what time the connecting bus departs and if there are any changes or delays in your travel itinerary. Available in English.

7. GVB

GVB operates the tram, bus, metro and night bus in Amsterdam. Use the GVB app to check when and where your transport is departing.

8. Weather Online

The WeatherOnline app tells you what the weather currently is and what it will be. Wherever you are, the app will tell you if you should bring rain gear or your sunglasses before you go out to explore the city. The app is available in multiple languages, including English, Dutch and Spanish.

9. FlatTire

Did you get a flat tire while exploring the city? With the FlatTire app you can contact a bicycle repairer who can fix your bike or wheelchair so you can enjoy the rest of your trip.

10. Able Amsterdam

Technically not an app, but if you’re looking for wheelchair-friendly places in Amsterdam specifically, we can highly recommend the website Able Amsterdam. Able Amsterdam provides information about wheelchair-friendly places in the Dutch capital. You can find accessibility reviews, a map of the city highlighting accessible places, information on how to get around and many useful links.

Co-authors: Celia Terwey and Natalie Jezdimirovic, interns at Accessible Travel Netherlands