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Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen (ANVR)
The Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen (ANVR) is the mother-organization of more than 650 travel companies with a total of 2200 branches and aims to offer you maximum quality.

In order to be able to travel peacefully, it is important to build in security. When looking for a trip, you regularly come across the ANVR logo. What does this mean and what does it offer you as a traveller?
We give you six reasons why it is wise to pay attention to the ANVR logo when booking your holiday or business trip.

1. Fair terms
2. Your money in good hands
3. Safe travel
4. Quality first
5. Responsible travel
6. Certainty in case of complaints

ANVR Traveler conditions
Buitengewoon Reizen.nl (Accessible Travel Netherlands) (Chamber of Commerce 05076604) is affiliated with the ANVR. The ANVR applies strict standards for membership and promotes the quality of travel and information about it. The trips on this website are offered under the ANVR Traveler Conditions (Travel and/or Booking Conditions and/or Linked Travel Arrangement Conditions) that apply to all offers on this website unless it is expressly stated that this is not the case.

ANVR Booking Conditions
When we book 1 supplier or service provider for you, the ANVR Booking Conditions apply.
For example: When we book a high-low bed + a mobility scooter we book this with 1 supplier or service provider so the ANVR Booking Conditions apply.
In this case, only the service provider is responsible for the execution and quality of this service.
If you have complaints about the execution of this service, you must contact that service provider.

The service provider’s conditions can be found on the service provider’s website or may be found at Vervoersvoorwaarden.
In this case, the ANVR booking terms are applicable to our service provision, and in cases where travel arrangements are linked, the ANVR-GRA terms apply as well. By accepting your confirmation, you are agreeing to these conditions.
You can find these terms at ANVR Traveler conditions PDF bestand.

In two instances, you should check retrospectively whether the Linked Travel Arrangement Terms may also apply to you:
a. if you booked and paid for another type of travel service separately on or through our website during the same visit, after booking this travel service; or
b. if, after booking the first travel service on our website, we facilitated the booking of another type of travel service from another trader in a targeted way, and you also booked this other type of travel service within 24 hours from booking the first travel service.

ANVR Travel Conditions
When we combine two suppliers or service providers for you, the ANVR Travel Conditions apply to this package, as do our supplementary terms.
If the trip comprises travel services from different service providers, the terms of those service providers also apply; however, these terms may not detract from the ANVR travel terms or statutory rights.
If supplementary terms apply, we state this explicitly.

Here you can find the Accessible Travel Additional Terms, our Accessible Travel Additional Terms and the ANVR Touroperator Conditions.

Upon written or verbal acceptance of the quotation prepared by us, we assume that you have read, understood and agree to the ANVR Traveler Conditions (Travel Conditions and/or Booking Conditions and/or Linked Travel Arrangement Conditions), additional conditions and privacy policy.
For more information please see  www.anvr.nl.



Our company is affiliated with SGR

Buitengewoonreizen.nl (KvK 05076604) is affiliated with SGR. You can check this via www.sgr.nl.
If we and/or a service provider affiliated with the SGR become insolvent, you can make a claim underthe guarantee scheme if and to the extent that the scheme provides for doing sowww.sgr.nl/garantieregeling).

Always book your trips with an SGR affiliated travel company!

As of February 1, 2021, SGR participants will charge a contribution of € 5 per person per booking.

Logo SGR


Our company is affiliated with SGRZ

SGRZ is a guarantee fund for the business market.

Click here for the SGRZ Garantieregeling.

More information SGRZ.

Logo Calamiteitenfonds

Calamiteitenfonds and More


We are also affiliated with the Calamiteitenfonds (CF), meaning the CF’s guarantee scheme also applies. You can check this at Calamiteitenfonds.
In the case of a calamity, you can make a claim under the CF guarantee scheme ( Garantieregeling) if and to the extent that the scheme provides for doing so.

Better holidays
When compiling our trips, we take into account people, the environment, nature and culture, so that the holiday is not only special for you, but also future generations can enjoy attractive destinations.

Whether it’s holidays where you enjoy untouched nature, experience the local culture, meet new people or taste a delicious local dish; together we work on holidays that provide better places and more beautiful experiences. And in doing so, we make an important contribution to sustainable development at the destination. For you as a traveler, but also for the people who live at the holiday destination.

Fighting child sex tourism

We actively support the ANVR and ECPAT/Defence for children in the fight against child sex tourism in holiday countries. We invite you to be alert with us and to report suspicions of sexual abuse of children on report childsextourism.

How will your reservation be processed?
If the reservation is made through Accessible Travel Netherlands, you will receive the invoice/confirmation by e-mail within 48 hours.
The down payment and remaining payment must be made in accordance with the statement on your invoice.
Your travel documents will be prepared in your personal travel environment approximately 2 weeks before departure.

Legal information

Legal information

The combination of travel services offered to you is a package within the meaning of Directive (EU) 215/2302. This means you can claim all EU rights applicable to package travel. We are fully responsible for the proper performance of the entire package trip. We also have a legally-mandated protection to reimburse you and, if travel is included in the package trip, to repatriate you if we become insolvent.
More information about key rights under Directive (EU) 2015/2302 Key Rights Package Travel.