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Top 5 new accessible restaurants in Amsterdam


Article updated November 20, 2019.

Looking for a wheelchair friendly restaurant in Amsterdam? We’ve listed our top 5. Many new interesting venues with cuisines from all over the world have opened their doors in the past years. Unfortunately, the majority of them doesn’t have an accessible interior for because of the stairs or steps at the entrance, are very cramped or don’t have an accessible toilet.

Let’s look at the bright side, some restaurants do offer good accessibility. We listed our favorite 5.


Another unique option is Foodhallen. This is a special type of restaurant featuring stands with food from all over the world. If you fancy some special hot dogs, Turkish cuisine or traditional Dutch oliebollen, Foodhallen is the place to be! Spacious and with place to stay among the different food stands, this restaurant is also accessible and easy to move around in. There are no stairs in the entrance making it even easier to visit. The restaurant does not feature an accessible toilet, however you will find one in the Public Library which is located in the same building. We advise to visit during the day as it gets very busy at night.


For those who wish to dine with an amazing view to the city, we would definitely suggest dining in Canvas, a rooftop restaurant and café on the 7th floor of Volkshotel. The restaurant is located south east of the centre of Amsterdam and is fully accessible with an elevator and an accessible toilet on the ground floor. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner there as the restaurant is open daily 07:00- 22:00! The combination of good food and the breathtaking view will for sure excite you!

Lotti’s Diner

For those who would like to stick to the centre of the city, the new hotspot is Lotti’s Diner! The new restaurant situated in new Hoxton Hotel serves Italian dishes and dishes influenced by Dutch cuisine! Lotti’s Diner is a great place for a drink as well as a dinner date! This is definitely one of the must visit restaurants while in Amsterdam. The restaurant is accessible with platformlift and has a wheelchair friendly toilet.

Eastwood Amsterdam

Our last suggestion for dining in the very heart of Amsterdam is the Eastwood Beer & Grill restaurant. You can experience a diner with an enormous choice of locally brewed beers in a manly atmosphere. On the menu you’ll find good bites, a selection of local Dutch cheeses and for the main course grilled meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. We are you’ll enjoy tasting the affordable and special dishes served at Eastwood.


We will begin this list with the happiest one of them “Happyhappyjoyjoy”! A wide variety of Asian flavors is offered in this restaurant. Very close to the city centre, the restaurant is open Sundays to Thursdays until 22:30 and Fridays and Saturdays until 23:00 p.m. Among the restaurant’s cheerful and colorful facilities, you will find a fully accessible toilet as well as a very spacious dining room that allows wheelchair users to move around without any effort! The entrance is very wide with just a small step, a ramp is available. We are confident that you will enjoy a visit to this restaurant!

Accessible restaurant listed on 'Able Amsterdam'

In 2019, blogger Josephine Rees started listing accessible restaurants on her website Able Amsterdam. She added them to a Google Map which gives a very good idea of the number of accessible toilets and the locations.