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New photo shop in town


The new photo shop is called ‘De Mengformule’, which means something close to meltingpot. When we enter the new shop that offers a mix of services, a smile appears on our face and we are immediately in a good mood. A warm and friendly environment. You can discover the photography studio and get yourself photographed like in a painting you’ll find at the Rijksmuseum, wearing the costumes. The photography choices of the moment are: Prince of Orange, The Milkmaid, The Happy Drinker and the Girl with the Pearl. In addition to this fun activity, you can buy souvenirs and enjoy breakfast or lunch in Dutch style.

The store is accessible to people with reduced mobility. It is situated in the centre of Amsterdam close to public transport. The shop offers easy access and plenty of space to move freely. However, the toilet is a little small and doesn’t have sidebars yet. Guide dogs are allowed inside.

Address: Rozengracht 42, 1016 Amsterdam

Website: www.demengformule.nl