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Dutch navigation App


Ongehinderd.nl provides accessibility information of all kinds of venues throughout the Netherlands, focusing on access for people with disabilities.

With the launch of the website, a mobile phone application was launched as well. Just take the webs or app and you’ll know exactly where to go and where not to go in the Netherlands! For example, if you’re in Arnhem and you’d like to go for a lunch, just get the website or app ready. Fill out your accessibility requirements and the right restaurant for you will pop-up. Also, you can see which venues have a wheelchair accessible toilet. Ongehinderd.nl can be used for restaurants, churches, attractions, hotels, gas stations, anything. Data is growing as individuals can also add information about accessibility, including pictures. This is first checked by the developers and will be put online afterwards. The website and app have been developed by Gerard and Michael. They are both successful entrepreneurs and wheelchair users. They developed Ongehinderd.nl because they found a lack of accessibility communication and dealt with that every day. At the moment, the website is only available in Dutch, but an international website with an international name will soon be launched.

Visit the website Ongehinderd.nl