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Accessible transfers to Schiphol


Accessible Travel Netherlands organizes accessible transfers for people with limited mobility and their travel companions to and from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Transfers can be arranged with a variety of vehicles. Taxi cars, vans and coaches.

Large taxi van with platform lift

The largest van can position 6 people using a wheelchair. Instead of every wheelchair, 2 people can sit in the van.

  • 6 wheelchairs – 0 walkers
  • 5 wheelchairs – 2 walkers
  • 4 wheelchairs – 4 walkers
  • 3 wheelchairs – 6 walkers
  • 2 wheelchairs – 8 walkers
  • 1 wheelchair – 10 walkers

The total number of people to go in the van also depends on the type of wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs or scooters and the size of the chairs. The large van has a platform lift on the back side. The wheelchairs are fastened by a belt.

Regular taxi van with platform lift

The regular taxi van can position 4 people using a wheelchair. This van also has a platform lift on the backside.

Taxi car with wheelchair ramp

Transfers for a maximum of 3 people of which 1 wheelchair users, we can offer a transfer with a car with wheelchair ramp.

Coach / touring car / bus

At last, we can also arrange wheelchair accessible transport for big groups with over 10 wheelchair users. These touring cars have a platform lift and can remove chairs to place wheelchairs.


We can offer the following return transfers:

  • Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam city centre
  • Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam Passenger Terminal (PTA)
  • Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre
  • Schiphol Airport – Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam – Maastricht
  • Rotterdam – Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
  • Eindhoven Airport – Amsterdam city centre
  • From and to any location in the Netherlands
  • From any location in the Netherlands to Belgium

Prices depend on the destination and number of people.

To book an adapted transfer to or from Schiphol Airport, email to info@accessibletravelnl.com.