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Accessible summer in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is undoubtedly a very popular travel destination all year long. However, travelers tend to prefer to visit the Dutch capital mainly in April and May, not having the chance to experience the amazing summer atmosphere that the city can offer!

This article is an attempt to solve the misunderstanding considering the Dutch summer! Because although Amsterdam is always lively, nothing can be compared to the warm, sunny days of summer!

During the summer season, there is a wide variety of things to do and tours to take that will definitely turn your holidays in the Netherlands into an unforgettable experience.

Summer events in Amsterdam

Let’s start with the famous festivals in and around the city, covering a wide variety of interests for every visitor. Whether you are interested in the nature, music or the Dutch culture, you will surely find one of the events in Amsterdam appealing to you!

One of the popular events, is the Over het IJ Festival the summer theater festival of Amsterdam! From July 3rd to the 13th, you can enjoy numerous performances based on a central theme!

From the mid of July (22nd) until the end of August (30th), for the 12th year, there will be held the Hortus Festival, in the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam! The festival includes classical music performances, as well as performances of different types of music, combined with the amazing atmosphere of the garden and activities for the children! Moreover, you can all summer long (5th of May until the 27th of September) enjoy the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre featuring concerts of jazz, dance and more types of music as well as theater for the children and stand- up comedy!

You have most likely heard about the openness of the Dutch culture. If you would like to experience it first hand, we would suggest the Milkshake festival! “For all who love” is the slogan of the festival, held on the 19th of July in Westerpark, Amsterdam! The place is totally accessible to wheelchair users, equipped with special toilets as well. Make sure to book your tickets on time and let yourself enjoy the unique experience!

Another reason to visit Amsterdam during summer is the Westward festival, taking place from the 27th of June until the 5th of July. This is going to be a week full of art, such as theater, music, storytelling and more! Moreover, the visitors will enjoy snacks and drinks and will get to enjoy summer in Erasmus Park!

Finally, in the end of August (29th and 30th) you have the chance to join the Mysteryland Festival! Book your tickets and get ready for a weekend full of music and other events! You can certainly enjoy Mysteryland to the maximum, given the organizers’ attention to accessibility.

All those festivals are only a small sample of what is on in Amsterdam during the summer, with July and August being the liveliest, more interesting months in terms of events! Moreover, they are just an addition to all the attractions in and around Amsterdam that can be visited all year around! The more affordable prices and general summery atmosphere definitely make the city a very appealing summer destination and your holidays in Amsterdam an experience to be remembered for a long time!

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